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We are looking forward to working with you to help support your child's education this year. We think having a partnership and working together is key to your child's success. Please fill out the parent survey to help me learn about your child :) 
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Back to School Night PowerPoint

​Classroom Rules/ Behavior Plan

At Double Peak students will follow the Leader in Me character education program focusing on the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. We are also implementing school-wide expectations using the word LEADER:

Lead by example

Effort towards learning

Attitude that is positive

Do the right thing

Engage in positive behaviors

Respect others

Seek first to understand

Positive Reinforcement:
Students can receive Class Dojo points, Cool Cash to buy various rewards and privileges, and of course verbal recognition!

Group: Groups will receive table points and at the end of each month the team with the most points will earn a reward.


1. Warning

2. Warning- loss of DOJO Point

3. Reflection sent home

4. Contact Parent

​5. Conference with the principle

Class Dojo:

We will be using Class Dojo to provide immediate feedback on student behavior. Each month there will be an individual and a class goal in which students earn a reward for a certain amount of dojo points. It is a great way for you and your child to track positive behavior, as well as areas in need of improvement. There will be more information coming on how to sign up.

ClassTag App


In fourth grade you can expect about 40 minutes of homework each night:

  • Reading: 25 minutes

  • Math: may vary from a few practice problems, a critical thinking problem, or TenMarks

  • Each week they will need to finish Lexia minutes

  • Incomplete work: students will need to finish any unfinished class work