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Suns TV is a weekly news broadcast that is written, recorded, edited and produced by a student team of DPS students in 7th and 8th grade.

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SunsTV May 26, 2020

What will you outride?  Stress?  Boredom?  Muscle weakness?
This is a link to the PDF for the Outride Challenge as mentioned on SunsTV.
Outride PDF

DPS PE is involved with The Specialized Riding for Focus program developed by OUTRIDE.

The goal is to get as many students across the country on bikes. Bike riding helps improve Focus, over all physical well being, mood, grades and helps to fight off disease.

NOW is a great time to share WHAT YOU WILL OUTRIDE during this unprecedented time. See the below information on how to participate.You MUST have Parent Permission!! GO SUNS!!

Directions for Outride

  1. Please print and fill out the attached pdf with a sharpie (write large enough so it can be read by someone standing a few feet away).
    When taking a photo, please keep in mind some best photo practices –
  2. Have a shelter-in-place buddy take your photo.
  3. Outdoor filtered lighting is best, avoiding sunny spots to prevent harsh shadows. Ideal lighting is usually early morning/evening or on overcast days.
  4. Be mindful of your background. Busy backgrounds do not work well. Blurred out backgrounds (bokeh or portrait mode effect) are great or one against a wall, fence, greenery, or vista.
  5. Make sure the subject is in focus (on a phone, tap on the area of the frame you want in focus with your finger) and fits in a square photo orientation (so it also works on Instagram in addition to Facebook and Twitter).
  6. Please visit our Instagram or Facebook page to see examples of other photos.
  7. Email your photo to Please include your name, community/group/school name, and any elaboration on what you outride that you wish to provide.