DPS Drop-Off/Pick Up Procedures

DPS Drop-Off/Pick Up Procedures

Enter the campus and merge to the right lane. This will allow you to enter the queuing system. 


Enter the campus and merge to the left lane.  This will allow you to bypass the queuing system and enter the parking lot.


Queuing before 2:38 pm (1:38 pm on Wednesdays) is prohibited.  Any car in the queuing lane before the designated time will be asked to move.  This will allow appropriate access for emergency vehicles and busses and maintain safety on San Elijo and Twin Oaks Road.

Pull as far forward as possible.  There may be many cars behind you wanting to drop-off as well.

If a car is stopped in front of you, you may use the passing lane to pull forward to the next available spot in the drop-off zone.

Drop-off/Pick-up on white curb only.  No drop-off/pick-up on red curbs.

Do not load or unload from the passing lane (left hand lane).

The gates open at 7:45 am each morning for student drop-off.