First Grade

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1st Grade Team
First Grade Academics

Reading: We will be implementing a new Language Arts curriculum across our district. The program is by Benchmark Universe. Reading will be taught in both whole group and small group settings and is based on Common Core State Standards.

Writing: First graders will learn to write in three genres - personal narrative, explanatory and opinion. They will learn to develop a paragraph, complete with a topic sentence, supporting details and a conclusion.

Math: Our units of study include Number Sense, Data/Graphing, Geometry, Measurement, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction. We also work diligently to help develop problem solving and critical thinking skills through story problems.

Social Studies: First graders will study Citizenship and Community; Past, Present and Future; and Goods and Services.

Science: We are beginning to implement Next Generation Science Standards. Our studies will focus on Plants and Animals; the Solar System; and Light and Sound.