Welcome to Double Peak Music!!
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Band Director - Carly Ines 
Elementary Music - Beverly Holtz

It is our goal that students get to experience music in many different ways:

Singing - Students will learn the solfege syllables "do, re, mi..." and we sing these every class with daily vocal warm-ups. K-3 students will usually sing at least one song every class period.

Listening - I will expose students to a variety of music styles, and teach about musical genres, and composers.

Playing instruments - Double Peak has a wonderful collection of instruments for students to play. We have glockenspiels, xylophones, hand drums, d'jembe drums, congas, bongos, jingle bells, rhythm sticks, and many many more. Students will get the opportunity to play these instruments throughout the school year. In 3rd grade, all students will be playing recorder, and violin. In 4th grade, all students will get to play clarinet and trumpet. Once students get to 5th grade, they get to choose an instrument and join the band or string orchestra.

Reading music - We start teaching students how to read music in kindergarten, and by the time they reach 3rd grade, they should all have the ability to read rhythms in multiple time signatures, and read notes within the treble clef. As students progress to 8th grade, they will continue to hone their reading skills, adding the bass clef, and more complex rhythmic patterns.

Performing - Every student in every grade will have performing opportunities throughout the school year. Stay tuned for the performance schedule!

Evaluating - Students will learn to identify the different instrument families, will learn how to listen for rhythm, and be able to recognize different time signatures. Students will also learn about relating music to their lives. 

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