Special Education

Welcome to the DPS Special Education Department!

Our mission is to support and empower others by listening, collaborating, and leading Double Peak so that we are successfully including all students.

Sped Team

Our Team

    • Mrs. Stacy Wright - SAI (TK-3)
    • Ms. Dana Adams- SAI (3-4)
    • Ms. Heide Brown  - SAI (4-5)
    • Mrs. Gladys Gutierrez - SAI (6-7)
    • Mrs. Rikki Kuykendall  - SAI (7-8)
    • Mrs. Caitlin Livingston - Lower BASE (TK-2)
    • Ms. Jamie Cain  Upper BASE (3-5)
    • Ms. Gina Pecile, Mrs. Bonnie Denny, and Katie Smith- Speech Language Pathologists
    • Ms. Alexis Alegre , Ms. Heather Krikorian, Ms. Lauren Donatelli   - School Psychologists
    • Ms. Alisa Adams - Occupational Therapist
    • Ms. Laura Hammers - Adaptive PE 

Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI)

Students who have been identified as having a disability which impacts learning and who require special education to make progress receive Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI). Working together, parents, teachers, and other appropriate personnel develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to target each child's identified needs.

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