DPS Parking Lot Letter/Procedures

Parking Lot Letter - DPS Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

Dear Double Peak Families,            

We are so excited to welcome you back to our campus!  Please take note of our parking lot procedures.  Please know that if EVERYONE does their part to follow the rules, we will ensure your child’s safety during drop-off and pick-up each day.  Our school is committed to being a good neighbor and will not allow drop-off or pick-up in the Double Peak trailhead parking lot.  Thank you for complying with our city’s request.



All walkers may enter the campus at the front of the school.   Please make sure to walk carefully on sidewalks in and around the school at all times. Keep moving, so sidewalks remain free and clear for people to walk.

Car Drop Off--ONLY

Both lanes from San Elijo Road accommodate traffic entering our campus.  As you pass our gymnasium, cars merge and one car from each lane enters the right-hand lane for drop-off.  Please stay to the right when you pull into the lot for drop-off.  The left lane is for exiting campus once the merge has occurred.  In order to keep the flow of traffic moving and the exiting of students safe, we ask:

  • Pull as far forward as you can in the lot in order to fit as many cars as possible.
  • Please have your child ready to exit on the curbside of the car only.  
  • Drivers and additional passengers must remain in their vehicles at all times.
  • No cell phone usage while driving in the parking lot.
  • Follow all traffic rules and directions of staff on duty.
  • You may not park in the loading zone in front of the school at any time.  
  • Safety first!  Please do not drop off children by pulling up to curbs surrounding the school (especially on San Elijo Road!).


Queueing in our main lot begins at 2:38.  We need to make sure that our campus is accessible in case of an emergency.  Please do not queue on San Elijo Road in the turn lanes.  This is dangerous and against the law.  All families need to enroll with the iSchoolRide app.  Information regarding the app can be found here. Returning families please log in and change your child’s grade level and upload any new students joining your profile.  Using the app for pick-up is essential to keep traffic flowing and for reuniting with your students after school.  To ensure students exit school safely, there is no running or playing in front of the school.  This includes all small children waiting with their parents.

Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten

All Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten parents can use the drop-off and pick-up in the main parking lot as long as the student is able to get in and out of the car by themselves.  Parents are not allowed to get out of the car to assist.  If students are unable to do this, parents will need to legally park in our parking lot and walk in to pick up their child.

After School Care with KOC and  the Boys and Girls Club

KOC attendees will go directly to Room F105 to check-in.  Students who attend Boys and Girls Club will immediately report to the lunch area after school for check-in.  



Students who walk home will be asked to exit the campus immediately through the main gate of the school.  The waiting area for walkers will be in front of the school (Please look for signage).  You will be safely crossed by staff in our parking lot and across San Elijo Road.

Car pick up--students may ONLY be picked up in front of the school, not the surrounding streets.

All students in grades 1-5 will wait with their grade level until a staff member has dismissed them to the front of the school once their name has populated in the iSchoolRide app.  Students in grades 6-8 will wait in front of the PAC and watch for their vehicle to pull into the pick-up lane  Parents you can assist us by:

  • Pulling as forward as you can in the lot in order to fit as many cars as possible.
  • Please have your child enter the car on the curbside only.  They may not walk around to the driver side at any time.
  • Drivers and additional passengers must remain in their vehicles at all times.
  • No cell phone usage while driving in the parking lot.
  • Carefully pull out into the exit lane and follow all traffic rules and directions of the staff on duty.
  • You may not park in the pick-up lane at any time.  If you do, you will be asked to exit the lane and park lawfully.  


Please use all crosswalks around campus. These are staffed both before and after school for your safe crossing.  Do not jaywalk. 


Riding a bike or scooter to school continues to be popular.  Please follow all safety regulations when entering/ exiting campus.  Use this LINK to review our city’s policies on electric bike use.  Once students have arrived on the campus they must walk their wheeled device.  Foot traffic will be congested in front of the school and no bike or scooter riding will be permitted.  Our bike rack/ storageis located adjacent to our Kindergarten building.  The school is not responsible for theft or damage that is caused by leaving a bike on campus.  Using locks for your wheeled devices is strongly encouraged.  Walking scooters and bikes is mandatory until students cross the street from campus.


  • Please drive with caution at all times in and around the school during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. 
  • Please adhere to all staff on duty and be respectful of their job.  They are there to keep everyone safe.
  • Please do not drop-off or pick-up anywhere on San Elijo Road.

Thank you for keeping our children/community safe and thank you in advance for your patience as we implement our drop-off and pick-up procedures for this upcoming school year.  It should only take a couple of weeks to get everyone acquainted with our policies.  Should you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact a school administrator.  

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