Counseling Office

Counseling Office

My name is Janine Gale, and I am thrilled to be a part of this dynamic school community. I am passionate about engaging students in academic and social-emotional learning. I am also a parent of a second grade student who continually teaches, challenges, and motivates me to continue learning about the world of child development, academic growth and social situations. My past work experience includes building a K-8 counseling program from the ground up at a brand new charter school in San Diego for 13 years. Having that experience has enabled me to utilize my experience there, in creating the best counseling program for our student population at DPS.

My passion is dealing with counseling from a prevention standpoint, which includes running groups, teaching classes, and helping to support DPS staff. I also facilitate schedule changes, conflict management, crisis intervention, risk assessments and re-entry plans.

I’m a firm believer in guiding students to become who they truly are because I believe that’s when individuals are most happy and are able to produce their best work. I also value a counseling approach that favors it being voluntary for both students and parents, as I believe that when students are ready for support, they are more inclined to change for the better. Lastly, my goal with counseling is to create a program that values problem-solving, recognizing that problems are a natural part of life and that we all need support from time-to-time. I hope to reduce the stigma that many people have about counseling, fostering a comfortable environment where students are not in trouble, but rather there for guidance.

Email is the best method of communicating with me. If you would like to schedule a time to talk, please do so.

Janine Gale, MA, PPS 760-290-2347 Michelle Santiago, Social Worker At DPS Tuesday, Thursday, and Wednesday afternoon At SMMS Monday, Friday, and Wednesday morning 760-290-3621