Textbook Info - Grades 6/7/8

Textbooks are available in the library for student check-out. The library also has copies of all textbooks available for students to use for homework while in the library. Please read the following frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn't answered below, call Mrs. Black at 760-290-2340 x3616.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my textbooks?

Your textbooks are checked out from the library at the beginning of the school. Please make sure you know your ID number when you come to check out. New students can come to the library on their first day of school to get textbooks. Be sure to write your name and the current school year on the inside front cover. Page through your book to check for damage, and bring any damaged book to the library. It's important to note any damage so you are not charged for it at the end of the school year.

How can I get an extra set of textbooks?

Unfortunately we don't have enough textbooks to check out additional sets. You are welcome to purchase new or used textbooks. One source is Amazon's textbook store. Please use the link under "Buy an Extra Textbook" to ensure you get the correct edition.

What happens if I lose or damage my textbook? 

If you lose a textbook, you will need to pay the replacement cost of the book. To prevent damage,please cover your textbooks. In addition, use and store them in a safe place--dogs love the taste of book glue, and every year we get 8-10 books returned that dogs have snacked on or chewed! Replacement costs range from $60-102, and fines for damage start at $10, depending on whether the book can be repaired. Books returned without barcodes automatically incur a $10 fine.

What if I change classes and need a different book? 

Please come to the library before or after school, or at lunch, to check out your new book. Don't forget to return the one you don't need, too! 

When do I return my textbooks? 

EdConnect calls will be made to tell you when textbooks are due. Your teachers will also make announcements in class. Please return books promptly on the date due. If you don't return textbooks, you won't be able to check out books for the following school year. Outstanding accounts follow you through high school, so please be responsible! 

How do I know if I still have textbooks checked out? 

Log-in to your library account. Directions to do so are on the Library Welcome page. Once you click on the My Info tab, be sure to check both Library Materials and Textbooks to see what books are checked out to you.

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