Art Program

Art education is an important tool for helping develop 21st-century learners. The arts provide students opportunities to be creative thinkers, confident learners, and innovative problem solvers. We want students at Double Peak K-8 school to be immersed in an art curriculum aligned with the New Visual Arts Standards; focusing on a foundation that will lead to success in the visual arts at the high school level.

Creative Thinkers

The visual arts program supports creative thinkers by providing students with opportunities to think about concepts from various perspectives. Carefully planned art lessons allow students to meet the learning goals through a variety of paths. The curriculum incorporates art history, the study of both classic as well as modern artists, and the teaching of different art techniques. Students are engaged in their learning by being able to incorporate their creative interpretations to the assignments. Student artists will be creating culturally relevant demonstrations of real-world problems in a new and innovative way.

Confident Learners

Students are given the opportunity to collaborate with their peers to work on larger projects, providing students with a way to practice their leadership skills. The art program also accommodates the child individually allowing students to gain confidence as they work on new tasks and explore various mediums in a method that works for them. Student artists can share their voice as they express their ideas and thoughts. Art students learn how to provide reflective peer evaluations. Learning how to give as well as receive critiques is a lifelong skill that can help students learn how to be self-reflective and confident learners.

Innovative Problem Solvers

The arts also provide a unique place for learning how to present ideas and solve problems. Students are given an opportunity to learn that failure leads to success, as they try out new tools and different mediums in the art room. Student artists must develop new ideas, plan out those ideas and then figure out how to execute them, all in a personal and creative perspective. Opportunities are given to students to conceptually answer historical and cultural questions that allow for deeper levels of thinking and learning. The arts provide students with an innovative venue for growing as learners.

We believe that all students are artists with different ways of expressing their creative side. Providing students with a comprehensive art curriculum allows students to find and practice their skills as creative thinkers, confident learners, and innovative problem solvers. Helping to bring students the needed skills to be successful in the 21st century.

We are looking forward to a beautiful year in art!

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