First Grade

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1st Grade Team
First Grade Academics

Reading:  The ELA/ELD program our district uses is by Benchmark Universe. Reading will be taught in both whole group and small group settings and is based on Common Core State Standards.

Writing: First graders will learn to write in three genres - personal narrative, explanatory and opinion. They will learn to develop a paragraph, complete with a topic sentence, supporting details and a conclusion.

Math: Our units of study include Number Sense, Data/Graphing, Geometry, Measurement, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction. We also work diligently to help develop problem solving and critical thinking skills through story problems.

Social Studies: First graders will study Citizenship and Community; USA-Past, Present and Future; and Goods and Services.

Science: We are beginning to implement Next Generation Science Standards. Our studies will focus on Plants and Animals; the Solar System; and Light and Sound.